I have not wrote on here in quite awhile for many different reasons. One, a couple people know who I am now and I do not want judge, or make someone mad, or upset someone, or make anything weird or awkward and well all the above. Also, life has been just been hard for me. No I am not saying my life is harder then others but it is my own battle like everyone else has.

I am so tired of everything. I am tired of when I agree with people they are rude and snap at me. Hmm okay I was only agreeing with you not comparing. I am so tired of favorites. I am so tired of so many things. Hell maybe it is because I am no longer taking any anxiety / depression medicine. I don’t know. I know I need them cause I feel so numb, no “good” feelings anymore which I hate it. I can’t even process my thoughts anymore.

I started this post a few days ago but I have to vent for a moment then start writing again or I will start exploring.

I am a HUMAN, I deserve RESPECT! I am not your child, a piece of shit, no good, worthless person. I have ALWAYS treated you with RESPECT and I FUCKING want the same DAMN IT! The only reason why I have not said anything to your DISRESPECTFUL, ATTITUDE, ASSHOLE face is cause I am picking my battles. But I am almost done doing that.


Fuck you. You disrespectful asshole! I want nothing to do with you and you accusing me of false accusations!



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