Not Ready – Ready – Go

Not Ready – Ready – Go

I actually wrote this 7/29/2008 but i feel it fits kinda… Feeling stuck and wanting to break free and move forward but currently still trying to break free of everything pushing me down…

Not Ready – Ready – Go

I'm not ready
I won't leave
Leave the blue skies
Dark nights
Full moons, everything...
I'm not read, are you?
I'm ready for life
To embrace my full appearance
To do what i was meant to do
I'm ready are you?
Let's go
Break away from this
Live just to live
Stare at a million stars
Make a wish on one hoping
Hoping it comes true
We're breaking away
Leaving our childish ways
Embracing our new life
Our new responsibilities
Embracing our life to it's fullest
Not ready- ready - let's go

© DH