I haven’t wrote in awhile because i can not organize my thoughts and opinions..

Well there has been good and bad lately so lets start with the bad. Honestly it’s not that bad but when you have a lot going on in your head sometimes things that normally bother you a little will bother you A LOT!

I can not stand how guys act differently in front of other guys! It is so annoying and when they are around there friends and they team up and pick on you oh my god. I mean i get it i’m easy to pick on and tease i know that. I have blonde hair to start off with and that is usually where it starts then trails on from there. But there comes a point where enough is enough and you try to stand up for yourself then your in the wrong; bullshit right. I love to joke and have fun but there are boarder lines. Then when the boarder lines are crossed you want you significant other to say hey that is enough or stop it or defend you or SOMETHING!! Then when you go to bed and your “hubby” ask what is wrong you tell them right… Nope your being over sensitive and dramatic and need to stop taking things to heart so much. This is normal relationship stuff i have been with this man for 4 years and 5 months nothing has changed in this situation. I always hear about others struggle with this as well but i don’t know how to handle it any better then i currently am. It just feels like whatever i do is never enough just never good enough or right sometimes.

NOW the good! I am on day 3 of CLOMID which is sooooo exciting and i pray it works the first try so much. lol I am a bit worried though because i started my period over a week early and its different this time then most so i pray i stop on time and this first time on clomid goes smoothly and with no complications. But its wonderful i am approved for it and on it we are very excited and hopeful! I am praying for no complications.

I am trying to find the positive in things; trying to stay hopeful as possible so i don’t worry and stress so much.

-Always his crocodile please watch over me in heaven alligator




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